Getting Started:

Before you commit to our gym, you may sign up for a FREE trial class here to check us out:

Step 1: LivFit Enrollment– $30 per class as needed. These are your intro classes prescribed to you by a LivFit coach based on your current level of fitness and knowledge of the exercises we perform often in our classes. The intro classes will help you understand basic form, technique, ways to modify and progress, and how to pace yourself when starting out. If assigned to intro classes, those must be completed before going back to the main group classes.

Step 2: Once you have gone through your enrollment sessions you will chose one of our membership options that best fit your goals, schedule, and budget:

-LivFit Limited: $112 Join us for 3 strength and conditioning classes per week with a trainer! Ideal for beginners to ease into a consistent routine. Registration Link:

Please email to schedule your first session

-LivFit Unlimited: $152 Join us for up to 6 one hour strength and conditioning classes per week and have 24/7 open gym access! Ideal for those who want more than just 3 workouts with a trainer per week, and may use the open gym hours if your day-to-day schedule is sporadic and you do not have a way to make it to a scheduled class. Registration Link:

Please email to schedule your first session

-LivFit Personal Training: $30/session

Receive One-on-One attention in a 60minute personal training session that will go in-depth to address your goals with a well thought out plan of action that’s geared specifically towards your needs. This option is ideal for those needing a custom gym schedule, may have pre existing injuries that require more attention than in a group setting, or you are just simply looking for more accountability to stay consistent!

Please email to schedule your consultation.

-Drop-in: $15 Enjoy a class at our drop-in rate where no contracts are signed, and you can come and go as you please to any of our classes. This is ideal for people who are in town visiting and would like to workout while traveling, or for those who would only come to class 1-2 times per week. Registration Link:

please email us at to schedule your drop in class with us.